Laura Crowe

I felt stagnant energy before the session with questions about my galactic origins and those of my twin daughters.

I felt the stagnant energy lift and just leave when Todd was working on me. I have aphantasia (blind third eye), but I saw sparkles in my closed eyes. Todd knocked something loose in a good way, and my painting fell off the shelf.

Todd answered my questions about mine and my daughter’s origins. It was just a beautiful session. Thank you so much Todd.


I’ve worked with Todd through several different experiences, on several different occasions: physical issues such as muscle aches, emotional lows, and feeling low energy etc.

My sessions with Todd through various experiences has eliminated physical pain, cleared and revitalized my energy and uplifted my spirits.

It is my pleasure to highly recommend Todd for healing guidance. He puts his heart into his work and is kind, compassionate, generous and intuitively insightful. I am grateful to know him and to have his support as I evolve through life’s ups and downs.

Ranjanna Mariia Hvenegaard

I am so grateful for Todd’s Reiki healing work on Clubhouse.

He has an incredible way of connecting to your energy field, tuning in where your blockages are, or where you need support in your energetic field.

I have had a few critical stages where I needed urgent healing from being sick or having pain. Todd effectively and energetically helped me heal that part of my body, always.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the healing I received!