Here are the testimonials from my clients. Click here to learn more about me and my story.

I have now had a few distance Reiki sessions with Todd. His intuition is spot on, and his healing ability and guidance is amazing! I have left each session feeling much better physically and spiritually and focused on the steps to take to improve myself. He truly has a gift and beautiful soul. I highly recommend him. Thank you Todd!


Todd has a great growing gift! He did a distance Reiki session on me and found the biggest physical and emotional pain in my body! His Oracle card readings are great and give wonderful insight! I highly recommend him!


I have done several readings with Todd and they are always very accurate. His intuition and ability to tap in to what is happening in your life is amazing. He always helps me feel grounded and is very perceptive. He is also a beautiful soul.


During my Intuitive Insight reading with Todd, I experienced an incredible understanding of the past, present, and possible future events of my life. Two cards were selected randomly and to my amazement, they described exactly who I was and how my situations in life had unfolded. Todd’s intuitive gift of insight interpreted the cards’ messages and how they were relevant to me and project the importance of my decision to have a positive mindset. Not only did he correctly convey the cards’ messages, but he also gave practical tips on what to do to improve the challenges in my life. The examples were using meditation while reciting the cards’ affirmations, focusing on the chakra that needed to be worked on, and having visualizations of what you wanted projected into your life. I highly recommend you have a reading with Todd because it will reveal much about yourself.


Todd is very intuitive and a wonderful spirit. I had an intuitive reading and oracle reading with him and it resonated very much. I’m a hard person to connect with at times but he was definitely able to get my overall vibe. I recommend him and will definitely be a return client and support him more in the future!


Todd took the messages that I have been receiving and spoke them in a way that made sense to me while expanding on them so that I can put them into action. Bless you Todd for your compassion and guidance!


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