Messages from the Beyond

Besides being a Reiki energy healer and an Oracle card reader, I’m also a spirit medium. I act as a channel for information to be passed from the “other side” to the 3D world.

I resisted accepting this mantle for many, many years. But I knew down deep inside that I had this ability, and all I needed to do was to believe in myself practice until I feel comfortable with the general public.

In private, I have offered this service to friends and family. And while I cannot claim absolute accuracy, I have assisted many with the deeper questions that they have had about their lives.

A Sacred Calling

Some of you know that I am an energy healer and intuitive, among other things. What you may not know is the story of how Reiki found me.

So, what is Reiki, you ask? Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. A treatment feels like a wonderful glowing radiance that flows through and around you. Reiki treats the whole person, including the body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

This is essentially the kind of healing that I’ve been doing over the past 20 years, except I was using my own energy. This can be draining, which can lead to illness and fatigue. I then learned about Reiki a few years ago, and how it is a never-ending supply of energy that you are channeling from the universe.

But then, last year, something unexpected happened – Reiki found me! How did I know? I was watching a live video on YouTube that featured an intuitive. She was channeling information from the ascended masters, and as this was going on my palms got HOT. I texted my friend and asked her what was going on. She said that I was being “activated” to practice Reiki. And the message I received from Spirit was “I am going to be in your life from now on“.

So, the next step for me was to surrender to the inevitable and take the level one and level two courses offered by my friend. It was an amazing, joyful experience, and I had some interesting visions. After receiving my final attunement on July 12, 2020, I became an official, certified Reiki practitioner.

I’ve been healing individuals, both privately and in group sessions. How can I help you heal? Click here to find out more 🙏