Becoming A Master

We were now four months into the pandemic when I finally decided to take first- and second-degree Reiki training. It was July 2020. The timing was right, and the signs were unmistakable. And when the universe comes a-calling, you just say “yes.”

So here I was, on an eight-hour Zoom call with my Reiki Master, Diane, and four other student friends of mine. We had already learned how to use Reiki for self-healing. And now we were about to receive a Placement for the Reiki symbols. As instructed, I closed my eyes, breathed deeply, and listened to Diane’s voice as she guided us.

In my mind’s eye, I followed the light past the clouds and into a beautiful, sacred space. To my left, there was a fountain with several people lounging about. In front of me was a line of souls who were bound for an alabaster temple. Before long, I was inside the temple, where a group of “elders” were standing in a semi-circle facing me. Just as I was about to receive my gift, I heard a voice off to the left. It simply said, “You will be a master.” It was almost a whisper.

After the Placement, I shared my experiences with my Reiki Master and the students. They were suitably impressed. However, I wasn’t at all sure about this sotto voce proclamation. I filed it in the back of my brain somewhere and continued my training.

Nineteen months later, I decided that it was time to take third-degree Reiki instruction. This time, I had a new Reiki Master named Brandie. She and I had collaborated on Clubhouse, and I felt comfortable spending three days with her in order to complete my tutelage. I was just about to receive a Placement for the master symbols. Again, I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing.

I found myself in the same beautiful space. Only this time, I was floating above the line of souls entering the temple. I recognized one of them. It was me! I had gone back in time to witness my first Placement. Then, a thought occurred to me, “I need to close this time loop.” So, I drifted down into the temple, hovered next to my former self, and whispered, “You will be a master.”

I relayed this experience to Brandie, who remained calm, open, and accepting during my excitable delivery. And on Sunday, February 27, 2022, beaming with pride, I finally stepped into my new role as Reiki Master.