Todd is a Holy Fire® III Reiki practitioner, channeler, and Oracle card reader. He was born in Tucson, Arizona, and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area.

From an early age, Todd knew that he was “different”. He saw entities that went unnoticed by others. He was slow to talk, preferring to use his native telepathic abilities instead. If the phone rang, he knew who it was before he picked it up. He pondered the possibilities of life after death following his experience as a coma patient. This feeling of “otherness” shaded almost all aspects of his existence.

About 20 years ago, he began performing energy healing on a limited basis. This was an instinctive act on his part. In healing his friends, he would be periodically drained of his own energy. Then he discovered Reiki; and Reiki, in turn, discovered him. He learned that by channeling this universal energy that his own would never been depleted. In July 2020, he obtained his Reiki level II certificate, and began practicing this ancient Japanese healing therapy.

Todd also discovered that he had a gift for channeling and divination. These gifts started developing in early adulthood. The more he learned to “go with the flow”, the easier it was for him to access the information, wherever the source might be. He developed a personal Oracle card spread, using three different decks to illuminate the theme, the clarifiers, and the future.

Clubhouse Schedule

Friday7pm PDTChanneling With Oracles
Saturday1pm PDTRevive With Reiki
Sunday12pm PDTInner Child Love – Affirmations, Letters, & Space

Reiki Level 2 Certificate

Reiki Level 2 certificate
My Reiki Certification

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