Of Those I’ve Lost

Ten years ago I lost my love
A troubador, I cherished him
We’d travel far across this land
The cup of life, filled to the brim

Five years ago, my childhood friend
Too young, released her mortal coil
We’d dance as children, musically
And journeyed ‘long our native soil

A year ago, my canine friend
Did too, release his earthly life
We’d walk and play our silly games
A steadfast heart, a friendship rife

A year or ten, or twenty more
I’ll still remember all of you
And in my heart, so close you’ll be
Until I bid this life adieu

One thought on “Of Those I’ve Lost

  1. I thought the hearfelt personal touch was effective. It felt authentic and true. You allowed us into your painful past and showed us that our loved ones and pets may be gone, but the memories, thoughts, and feelings last forever.


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