Up ahead, a mounting squall
Darkened skies and bitter rain
Mirroring collective pain
Groping for a clear way out
Clouded minds, so full of doubt
Just like that, our teardrops fall

Sinking fast, into the deep
Drowning in the ocean blue
Landscape of a different hue
Memories of brighter days
Dancing under golden rays
Weighted down, we gently weep

Floating on a wayward stream
Trying to forget our aches
All at once, the old dam breaks
Rapids howl, there’s no escape
Helpless with our mouths agape
Shattering our sylvan dream

Softly rising, like a kite
Buoyed from our jaunty youth
Knowing that we’ve found our truth
Tears of sadness cleanse our soul
Finally, they make us whole
We emerge into the light!

4 thoughts on “Tears

  1. Image of someone deeply in pain and living in the darkness comes to mind, all the while grasping for a ray of hope and gradually realizing it exists.

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