You and I
Drifting, sailing
Toward the unknown
An ever-changing horizon
Beckons, sweetly

Above us
Sky of black
With glittering stars
A silvery moon

The music of the
Lulls us into slumber
What dreams come
On this gentle sea

A faint glow
In the distance
Growing larger, brighter
The bountiful sun

12 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. Conjures up fear in me. As I get older, and my anxiety increases, the thought of being lost is terrifying. The poem succeeds in evoking feelings, and for that is a huge success!


    1. I had no idea that this would invoke a sense of fear. I think if you read the last stanza, you will see that the feeling of being lost is transmuted into Joy, as the sun rises, as it always does.


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