O can you hear that distant ring
From far away, a mountain call?
And can you hear the robin sing
With promises of winter’s fall?

This springtime morning, calm and bright
With whispering of things to come
Has pierced the veil of yonder night
To bring forth dance, with flute and drum

Sing merrily my fellow souls
Drink deeply from the cup of life
Skip to and fro, round verdant knolls
Cast off the heavy cloak of strife

Come dance with me and bring good cheer
And let our troubles all take wing
For now the time has come this year
To celebrate the dawning Spring!

2 thoughts on “Spring

  1. love the second stanza! Dancing with flute and drum is just what I want to do when spring finally arrives in New England. It’s taken a while this year, but finally is here!

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