Yours, Faithfully

If you need a friend
I’ll be at your side
If you’re at the end
We’ll turn the tide

If you’re weak and weary
With you, I’ll stay
If your eyes are teary
In joy, we’ll play

I love you completely
Without measure
You sing to me, sweetly
A memory I’ll treasure

And when I’m gone
I’ll reside in your heart
And with a new dawn
Reunited, we’ll make a new start


Your faithful canine companion

2 thoughts on “Yours, Faithfully

  1. WOW! Powerful! At first I thought you were speaking about a human being. I know how much canine companions can grow on our hearts, I grew up with dogs and cats both. Even had a hamster once. I’m touched by the passion of the words. Almost makes me want to drive to the local breeder and adopt a canine companion!

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