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Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself.

Roy T. BennettThe Light in the Heart

My name is Todd, and I am a Holy Fire® III Reiki practitioner, spirit medium, and Oracle card reader. I provide services that that help people heal, understand their divine purpose, or find the answers they need.

One-on-one appointments are available on a limited basis; my business hours are listed at the bottom of this page. I also provide shorter versions of these services on Clubhouse. Click here for the full schedule.

I am here to serve so that you can shine your light. Namaste.

Distance Reiki Healing
Distance Reiki Healing


Energy healing for relaxation, stress reduction, and pain management

Spirit Channeled Message
Spirit Channeled Message


Information channeling from the spirit realm to gain insight relevant to your purpose

Oracle Card Reading


Oracle card divination to get the answers to your important questions

Disclaimer: Never make a decision or take a course of action solely based on the outcome of the service provided. Always weigh your free will choices carefully. Reiki is not intended to be a substitute for your primary care physician. If you are in need of urgent or long-term care, please consult a qualified medical practitioner.

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